The 5 Questions

The 5 Questions


1. Who Do We Serve?

  • We serve the needs of accomplished professionals who have achieved many personal and financial goals and watched their wealth grow.  However, many never anticipate the complexity that increasing wealth brings and feel unsure of appropriate next steps.  Our integrated approach to wealth management helps clients maximize the potential of the wealth they've earned – and spend more time enjoying the achievements of their life and work.  


2. What Do We Do?

  • We work with clients to identify where they are vs. where they are headed, being sure to efficiently integrate the key components of wealth management (i.e., Investment Management, Financial Planning, Estate Management).  In the post-financial crisis era, our clients want guidance and support in understanding the solutions that can help get them there.  Our clients have confidence in a team dedicated to helping them work toward their goals.  


3. How Do We Do It?

  • Our integrated approach to wealth management means we evaluate and coordinate an investor's life needs and financial goals (Financial Planning), manage assets and execute strategies to help achieve specific goals (Investment Management) and support efficient wealth transfer across generations (Estate Planning).  This process gives clients clear understanding of where they are in their financial life vs. where they are headed.


4. Why Do We Do It?

  • Whatever the market environment, we engage our clients in collaborative, in-depth discussion to gain clear understanding and develop integrated solutions.  Many of our clients, for example, want to grow and preserve their wealth as they prepare for retirement.  Some seek strategies to transfer wealth to their family or business partners.  Our goal is to help clients achieve these goals through long-term relationships based on trust.  This provides our clients with confidence and time to pursue their passions. 


5. What Makes Us Different?

  • Three core capabilities differentiate McCormick Wealth Management:  1) We build personal relationships based on trust, 2) We provide integrated solutions to help meet specific needs and 3) We provide professional service that uses simple language to explain complex topics.  The result is advice you can trust from a team that cares about you.  

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