Our Beliefs


At the Foundation of Our Process are the Following Beliefs:

  • A goals-based planning process should continue to be a focal point of each client relationship.  While short-term market conditions are unpredictable, developing, monitoring and adhering to soundly-crafted, long-term plans is the best way we know to help you succeed financially.

  • Advice should be independent, objective and unbiased, delivered in a manner consistent and relevant to your needs.

  • Managing risk has never been more important.  By utilizing insurance and other asset protection strategies, we will offer strategies to help preserve your wealth and the opportunities it represents for you and your family.

  • The challenges of retirement income planning require the care and knowledge of an experienced professional.  Acquiring wealth is only one part of the equation.  Just as important is the strategy needed to preserve and distribute the wealth over a lifetime of unknown length and against rising threats to its sustainability.

  • Estate Planning, trust and client first services remain a critical component of a sound financial plan.  We resolve to continue to build strong partnerships with specialists in each of these disciplines to meet our clients' needs.

  • Liability management is an integral component of achieving and sustaining wealth.  We have experienced a significant increase in clients seeking assistance in this area.  We will remain focused on providing access to lending and banking services.*

  • Communication is critical.  Our clients have told us they appreciate and still place great importance on our conversations; with dialogue that is open, frank and respectful.  We whole-heartedly agree and pledge to be more attuned in our listening and clearer and more concise in our advice and guidance.

Our greatest value is helping clients look beyond the headlines and invest with purpose towards a future that must be planned.




*Lending Services provided by Raymond James Bank N.A. a fully chartered national bank affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services.